Self Defense

Self-defense classes and products are designed for corporate professionals travelling to various countries. We, at Washington Defense Corporation, treat the aspect of safety with the utmost importance. We serve in Washington D.C.

Handling Self-Defense Items

We train professionals on being armed at all times without appearing threatening conspicuously, being comfortable carrying items of self-defense in all situations, following the procedure while traveling with self-defense items. Our experts are experienced at providing you the best training. We teach you all aspects of self-defense, including appropriate procedures for handling and carrying self-defense items.

Scenario Training

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out that you’re in danger and things happen in no time. Staying safe during work hours or while traveling is becoming especially challenging these days. With Scenario training, we train you to recognize a situation and act appropriately and on time. We prepare you to act swiftly in emergency situations, before it gets too late.

Washington Defense Corporation empowers you to be safe at all times.